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Trailer Towing Lessons

Whether you need jeep and trailer, 7.5t truck and trailer or minibus and trailer we are the ones for you.

Jeep and Trailer

The requirement to have a special category licence to tow a braked twin axle trailer has always been in legislation.  Enforcement of this and obligations under insurance cover are now being implemented.  So if you are towing a caravan, horsebox or builders trailer you will need to upgrade your category B licence to BE.

Light Truck and Trailer

The light truck category C1 allows you to drive to a total mass of 7.5 tonnes.  If you add the trailer category then combination total mass is 12 tonnes.  This is very versatile for small plant operators, landscape gardeners or recovery truck operators.

Minibus and Trailer

The minibus and trailer combination is ideally suited to bus operators running golf trips, mini breaks or small tours.  Typically the 16 seater minibus has minimal luggage space and the option of adding a high capacity trailer can add to the comfort and enjoyment of the trip for your passengers.